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  1. Pack up Ms. EdD and come on down. You can leave her and your platinum card at the Mall of Georgia and we can go fishing.
  2. I don't see a + next to my name.
    We both need to go fishing. I probably won't get out this month, but I have some hopes for next month. I pulled up the Google satellite view of an old stomping ground and it has changed!!! Being a river which floods regularly, I expected some changes, but a favorite old slough which was in place for decades has simply ceased to be. It isn't changed, it is gone. Oh well, I hope to wade that river in August.
    Take care,
  3. Now you got a + by your name, what is up with that? Mine is gone, obvious mistaken identify.
  4. No, but old outlaws make the best law men. Maybe the reason I'm good at safety work is I know what will hurt you. I learned the hard way. I have a younger brother, they threaten to kick him out of jr. college for drinking, they threaten to court martial him in basic training for fighting, he was a copy, has been divoriced and worked for IRS. He is an excellent preacher, he has lived a lot of good sermons.
  5. It didn't show next to mine. It has only been known to visit the names of Moderators, in the past. Did LF make a poacher into a game keeper?

  6. The + next to your name when it showed you logged in.
  7. What gave you the idea I was a moderator?
  8. Did you become a moderator? Yikes!

  9. Thanks for the thought. I would have thought the tire around my middle would have floated me. One think for sure next time is a "regular" pfd. I may go back to the inflatable in the summer but there is no real reason not to wear a foam filled unit at the moment.

    Barb went to the family practice MD on her own today and stopped by Kroger on the way home, she did call me to bring the groceries into the house but seems to getting stronger and going longer each day.
  10. I hope that you and Barb continue to do well and the she recovers fully and quickly.
    If I ever see you in a 'toon or 'tube, I'm gonna douse you in Gink (tm) so that you float.

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