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  1. Jim, I pray your daughter continues to improve. Austin is great little city, too ad you're not there under better circumstance. Be careful, and God blessing on your daughter and her family.
  2. Hi Jesse. I'm in Austin with my daughter. I have to use my phone because I don't have Wi-Fi here. I tried to post about my daughter yesterday but kept getting kicked off line. She has quit chemo and is doing a little better. Still a sick girl. Sleeps a lot but not throwing up as much. Also happier and more alert. They are moving to New Mexico next week. Jim
  3. Thanks Jim. I have avoided being on the roads, the snow and ice is mostly gone for the time being, I think we are supposed to hit 50+deg. today. After the fiasco a couple of weeks back te local and state govt. we much better prepared this time., as well as local businesses.
  4. Hey Jesse, I hope the weather there is not hurting you. Stay safe and warm my friend. Jim
  5. Happy Birthday young'un. I hope this is a great day fer ya. Jim
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