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  1. Hey ED,
    Needless to say, I'm honored to be considered your friend. I figure we we were friends anyway by virtue of our participation here on FAOL . BUT, this makes "official". I see we also share a friend in common, Betty Hiner. I met her at the first FISHIN in Grayling a "few" tears ago. Wonderful LADY and talented in all phases of fly fishing. We just happen to love the same parts of Wyoming.
    We're in Florida now till the end of Feb +-. Always stop in or near Nashville either at The "bourbon Steak" restaurant of the LOveless Cafe or for some HOT!!!!! chicken at the place where the line forms twicw around the building.
    In any case, thanks for the friendship offering and I hope your team wins Sunday.

  2. Ed,
    Thanks for the post reply. Was it you who ,when I mentioned Dotson's in Franklin TN, you directed me to another iconic restaurant somewhere in "the hills" It may have been Unc Jesse but .???. In any case, I'm in Atlanta now on way to Florida and on the way back would love to stop at THAT restaurant. Dotson's UNFORTUNATELY was forced to close after almost 60 yrs. SHAME.
    Stay well.
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