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  1. Jim, The fires got to us again this year, so we headed south to Orange Co. Only to find your old hang-out,
    the San Bernardino mountains are on fire again. However, we now have the National Forest by Lake Elsinore is going up. The fire has crossed the mountains and is coming down through Holy Jim Canyon
    and taking everything in it's way. I have tied up several good flies for fishing the surf and can't
    wate to get after it. However, there is a big storm off Mexico and will be sending huge waver onto the
    beaches, where only those crazy surfers hang out. Haven't heard how your daughter made out, as this
    computer has been on the fritz for quite a while. Marianne and I are staying here in La Palma where only the heat can get to us. Our grandson had a go at my computer and seemed to get it back into running ondition again.ed along with other stuff. Fill me in again if you will.
    All our best to you.
    Crunchy (FAOL)
  2. Jim, Crunchy here. I'm just wondering how close the fire up at Big Bear is getting to you ? I have just recently moved from N. Idaho to S. Calif. My E-mail is Drop a line I'd like to talk fish'en.
  3. Harry, Yes, I've kept a thread updated from time to time on FAOL about my daughter's condition. She was diagnosed last Sept with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and stage 4 liver cancer. At that time the prognosis was 6 months to a year. She was then In Austin, TX. She has done a full series of chemo and nothing got better. She and her husband have moved to New Mexico and are living with her mother. (my ex) She is now on hospice and trying to manage the pain. She is my oldest daughter, she is 46. Her name is Rene. Thank you for the prayers and thoughts for her.
    I've spent a little time in Idaho as far North as Coeur d'Alene. Good luck with the move and stay in touch. Jim
  4. Jim I didn't know about your daughter. Hopes and prayers going out for her. I really envy you, going to the eastern Sierra's. Our old stomping ground. Anywhere from Lone Pine on north. Usually ended up at Rock Creek Lake for first night camping. I even fished Lake Crowley, but don't hold that against me. We are moving to North Idaho to live with our son. They don't want me wading the fast water, so, it looks like warm water fishing for the most part. There is not any WIFI there and we have to drive down into town to use the facilities at the county library. However, when things are up and running I will make an entry on the FAON BB and give a full up-date. Have a great time and again our prayers going out for your daughter. Harry aka Crunchy
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