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  1. For weight, Rick Z ties some of his boa yarn leeches with beadheads. So, they work weighted. I use a heavier gauge hook than Rick, and that helps mine sink a bit faster, but if the fish are shallow, you can fish an unweighted fly slower without it sinking to the bottom. At night, usually slower is better.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions. In fact...I saved one of the messages I sent you, and I might turn it into an article to submit to FAOL.

    Good luck!
  2. Bob,
    I apologize, I thought I answered the question, but I may have not hit the "send" button? ;o)

    Sure, try the lighted dock areas at night. Try anywhere you suspect there to be a concentration of fish/baitfish. Right now the water temps here are cold enough that the fish have dropped into deeper waters, so aren't very close to shore.

    As for color...for whatever reason, the fish in the pond I fish most often have a definite preference for the color yellow. In other ponds, the fish may prefer a different color. For example, one pond I couldn't catch ANYTHING! Then I saw a few small schools of baby bullheads. So, I switched to a small black boa yarn leech or woolly bugger, and started catching bluegills and bass right away! So....sometimes color is important, other times not. If one isn't working, try another color.
  3. FishnDave, I sent you a pm back asking if you used weighted boa leeches or not and I had not heard from you. I may have done in wrong cause I tried to use the friends thingyamagiggy. I also hope I have not made you mad by asking you these things. If I did, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Everybody on this forum has always been so helpful and willing to answer questions that I would not do anything to make anybody mad. Thanks in advance. mathcarver
  4. I use size 8 streamer hooks for my boa yarn leeches. I think Rick Z usually ties his on slightly smaller hooks, but the #8's have worked really well for me. They are Mustad...and probably 3x long, 2x strong hooks.
    Good luck! )
  5. FishnDave, I pmed you a couple of weeks ago about your night fly fishing. I am pondering doing some of it soon. From the pictures you took your yellow boa leech you use looks larger than the ones I use. What size hooks, are they regular length, and do you use any kind of weight such as lead wire, beads, or cone heads? Thanks in advance for all your help and I hope when I do go which may be tonight I can come back and give you a good report. Again thanks, Bob
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