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  1. Happy belated B-day, Cordell! Mine was Aug. I'm a ripe 41!!
    I'm hoping I can make a trip back to Miami next Spring and do some more freshwater fly-fishing with you. More peacocks, oscars, etc....Maybe even target some small tarpon in the canals?
    This year was a weird one weather-wise here in Iowa...what week(s) would you recommend for me to hit the best peacock bass fishing in the Spring? Maybe I can add a Jaguar, blue tilapia or red devil to my species list! Heck, even another grass carp would be a blast!!
    Let me know, so I can start planning it with my wife. Also, if you already have some days in that time frame booked, let me know that too, so I won't schedule those days. Thanks!!
  2. hello Dave...this is just to tell you my new site is 90% should have 3 to 4 pictures there...I added the oscar you caught...if not up yet it will takes a little time to actually come live....hope fishing is going good for you.....
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