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  1. Oh Noooo!!! Gemrod is missing again!!! What are we to do???? I know, Charlene will save the day and send him a pm and calm all our fears!!! Whew! I was worried

    On a personal note...hope all is well with you and
  2. I thought of you when I saw the Heddon reel for it would look nice on your Heddon...How have you been...doing ok here...getting some fishing in...have a pt job for June...hope all is well with you and yours...rob
  3. I read on a different forum that using Heddon rods could be hazardous to your health...So, since I am such a good friend I will spare you any health hazards and you can ship me that terrible Heddon before you grow ill or have my should ship asap before anymore exposure...your friend....Rob
  4. The fishing was great. Lots of small browns and brookies.
    Did you see the pics..........A Stone Mountain State park Saturday?
  5. How was the fishing....mine went down the tubes...and today it has been a downpour all day and still going....the neighbor is building a ark I think it is so bad.....Rob
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