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  1. Jim, I quickly scanned your message with your snail mail addy and now I can't find it. Can you resend or e-mail to I wasn't sure what species he targeted, so I'm sending along 6 soft hackle streamers, some stupid simple flymphs and a couple of my favorite old English soft hackles. Just finished a donation for casting for recovery. 25 feather wing streamers in pink and blue colors. They are tied on brooch pin hooks. The ladies who complete the retreat will be given the fly/brooch. Pretty cool. REE
  2. Ron,Thank you very much for your generosity. This young man will be thrilled to receive these flies. He is ten years old and has Cerebral Palsy so he can not participate in sports or many other physical activities. He recently started fly fishing and is absolutely hooked on it. I really appreciate your willingness to pitch in to brighten his day. My address is Jim Smith2450 Winnipeg DriveLakeland, FL 33805
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