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  1. Waders,

    I've never lived there. However, showing you what a small world it is, my father was born there. I grew up in California. I was an adult when my mother passed and my father moved back to Huntsville. He lived there until he died in 2007. I've been there for visits, and I've fished some of the area lakes, but that was before I picked up the fly rod.

    One of these days I'd really like to throw some big deer hair bugs onto the hydrilla mats at Guntersville....assuming they are still there. I have fond memories of throwing Floyd Talents rats on the mats for big largemouth.....I bet that kind of fishing would be a blast with a fly rod.

  2. Buddy,
    Did you ever live in Huntsville, AL? We had a club member named Buddy Sanders.
    Wade Blevins
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