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  1. Yep, high and muddy was the story of a lot of Mercersburg fishing. Dickies Run was a disappointing bust (except for that one little riffle that has never let me down--he's getting pretty big in there!) but Cove Creek was better. We usually went up to the J or even State College. Let's hope for one of those slow, clear, magic autumns...
  2. Hi CaseyP,
    Yep, I finally made it over from the old "AA" Board. This looks like a great site and I do need to learn to navigate these waters. It sure is good to see familiar names on here. I know you travel between VA and PA. I have lived Lebanon County for over 30 years, but I was born and raised on a farm near Chambersburg. In my real early years, the Falling Spring ran right through our property. Did you ever fish the Spring? Later we moved to another farm that was divided by the Conococheague. Is there still good trout water around Mercersburg? The Cove? Here in our area we have had a wet summer with lots of high, muddy water; I am looking forward to some great fall fishing. Best wishes and good fishing.

  3. Hello there, stranger! Glad to see you here.
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