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  1. G'mornin Mike. How's your dad doing? I sent him a note but haven't heard back from him. Our trip is scheduled to start on Monday, July 12. Going to NM, CO, and then SD to Mt Rushmore. Then across WY, through Yellowstone and will be in your area on the weekend of the 17th. We want to see as much of SE Idaho and the Snake and it's tribs as we can. We will have our 18 year old grandson with us, I hope. I'm really looking forward to fishing the area. I've tied some flys that your Pop recommended and John Scott seems to use alot. Do you have any favorites I might tie to use there? Hope to get to meet you and your dad. Jim
  2. Hey Mike, I hope you had a great birthday today. Dang, 23 already. Time flys huh. Jim
  3. Mike, We were wondering how your Pop is doing. Did he have the surgery yet? Could you post something on his Dad and the kid thread to let us know? Thanks, Jim
  4. mgliss, Happy birthday. I hope you have a blessed day. Jim
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