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  1. Tig,
    I'm glad you're still around. I hope that your fishing is going well for you and that you are able to enjoy your time outdoors. I've been able to get out both of the last two Saturdays to fish a beautiful tailwater here in Middle Tennessee, the Elk River. Looking up through the tree leaves to a sunny sky and seeing an osprey, a pair of great blue herons, and one or more kingfishers was great fun. The mayflies are still hatching and dancing around here. One of these days I plan to sit down and learn something of Canada's political system. I have several Canadian co-workers, but they never seem to discuss Canada much. It's a pity.
    Take care,
  2. EdD
    I hope this message goes to your box. Not sure how this system works. Thanks for the 'howdy'. I sure wish we could get together sometime. I believe you are in Tennessee?? That's not that far really. I have gone fishing in the spring for the last two years on a trip that is 900 miles one way. I regret to say that I am one of those 'lurkers'. I try to check the site at least once a day. I have posted other stuff but don't have much to say unless I see someone live, then I can't seem to shut up. Are you still buying lots of hackle
  3. Hey Tig,
    It was good to see you post again. I hope that everything goes well with you.

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