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  1. Yes I did thank you, I know up there from the past you guys can get some serious winter, and I saw the ice coming your guys way... Stay warm and take care...
  2. Did you get a visitor message from me? I'm not sure it got mailed.
  3. Hi Grubb. Things aren't good and getting worse. The ice was like sand on the highway during my morning commute over the mountain to work. I never went over 40 MPH. My side of the mountain is always colder and receives more snow. Even though they call Altoona, where I work, the Mountain City, it's paradise when it comes to bad weather. They don't get near the snow and ice that I do. The worst part of the storm is to hit from midnight through noon tomorrow. I may have to stay home tomorrow and work on a rod or tie some flies. Gees, that doesn't sound too bad, does it? Haq
    Stay warm,
  4. Just wondering how the weather is up on the mountain... Hope all is well with you guys up there...
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