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  1. Maybe it's the filter at work. I have joined a fly tying group and have been learning some real nice patterns that I would like to share with the BB using SBS. The one I had a question on is the Brown Owl. This is a flat wing streamer which I thought you had presented before.
  2. Alberto,

    I had this problem when I tried to view the file on my wife's IMac that didn't have Excel or any other spreadsheet viewer. If you don't have Excel, but have something like Word, I could cut/paste and get it to you in that format. BTW, feel free to duplicate any fly I've tied; don't think any of them are mine anyway.

  3. Scott,

    I tried accessing the SBS Index on the link at the bottom of your SBS posts and although it tried to download the Excel spreadsheet, I could not view it. Is there a special permission needed? I ask because I'm going to start a few of my own (changed jobs and now have some time to have fun) and did not want to double-up on patterns.

  4. Alberto,

    Sorry, I missed this message. Looks like my answer on your thread worked, yes?

  5. Scott,

    What code do you use to imbed the photobucket images in your post? I tried [img].....[/img] with no luck.

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