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  1. Hi Warren. Got the leaders, and thanks, I will try them as soon as possible. I went fishing yesterday and was doing fine nymphing in the early morning when my reel broke. So, for awhile, I visited a buddy who lives on the stream. We decided to fish some beetles and crickets in the afternoon. We each caught several fish before we had to leave. The fish aren't readily looking up for them yet, but they will be soon. Your Buddy,

    Hi Warren: Is this the line you use for the leaders? I can't find it locally, but it can be purchased online.
  3. Bruce,

    Just found this message from you. Please keep me posted on your fishing adventures.

  4. Hi Warren. Thanks so much for all of the leaders. I realize how expensive they are to buy. I'm going to try the Vanish for nymphing tomorrow, I hope. I plan to connect it to my orange indicator butt section. Then I am going to attach 2 ft. of tippet and another 1 1/2 ft. to attach my point fly. I'll let you know how it goes. I received the leader Thursday, but this is the first night I've been home since last Tuesday. I've been out until dark every night fishing the sulfurs and Green drakes. Well, actually, I kind of missed the Green Drakes. Last night my buddy and I stayed until dark on a stream that's about 50 miles from my apartment. Tons of spinners. I even got out my seine net to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. I was right. The water was covered with rusty spinners. You won't believe it, because I'm still trying to come to terms with it, but there wasn't one rising fish. We were both dumbfounded. Bruce
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