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  1. Hey Neil,
    Just when it could have been intersesting . Probably a good call. I do apologise for the language but remain steadfast re the content.
    Stay well !
  2. AND,at least SOME comment of recognition to the folks that arrange the PAFI. I have NEVER seen even a blurb about their efforts. Washing your (FAOL's) hands of any potential responsibility/ liability is not enough.
    But , then again, all at risk of telling you how to run your business.
  3. At risk of telling you how to run your "business", this MIFI issue, once was a GREAT draw for new members. The fishing SUCKED but that;s not what it's/was about. I know you and Deanna cannot attend but at LEAST post a few "come and enjoy the BS" comments so that it may raise SOME enthusiasm. I and my wife have been to a few but as YOUR, (FAOL'S) even remote intertest waned, so have ours. Where the "i'll be there" list is posted is not as important as at LEAST some direct recognition by YOU as to the fact that there IS planned a MIFI and a GREAT time will be had by all who attend.
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