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  1. I just figured out how to do the 'visitor message' thing Gray...i'm really hoping you beat this thing...hoping too that you have a great float on the Walla Walla Tuesday or Wednesday the 23rd or 24th of November 2010 ... i hope somehow that you'll be fine and that you'll come down to Winchester and stay with me a few days and we'll flyfish the North Umpqua. Know that you're in my thoughts and know too that i'll definately fly fish the Walla Walla and even though i won't get the chance to fish it with you when you go there soon, i'll be fishing it with you when i eventually do.


  2. MM I might take you up on that offer to fish the umpqu river, it seem I am heading for brain surgery but I have to first fish the walla walla river one more time I am still able I grew up on that river it holds a lot of meaning for me lots of memorys of good friends and familiy who are nolonger here, if you never fished it truley your missing a real gem on the east side this time of year it is steelie time fish run between 5 and 10 plus lbs and I have seen some near 20, it runs about 50 50 for hatchory to wild fish, they cull hatchory fish at a fish trap before the spawning grounds so wild fish are let to spwan, Guess I am going to need to write something and post it here later
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