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  1. John,

    Real glad that they worked out for you and that you like them. When I cannot get the precision loop to slide, I will take my nippers and cut one side of the precision loop and usually you can just pull and the other side will slide out of the Shorb Loop. Give that a try next time and see if it works better for you.

    Good to hear that the furled leader worked for you. Thanks for the report and stay in touch.

  2. Warren,

    Awhile back, you sent me a couple of furled leaders to try out on my switch rod. I finally went to Alaska- got back last night. Used mainly the furled leader made of fluorocarbon and alternated it with a Rio Sink tip. The furled leader cast better than the sink tip and turned over the big flies just fine. The only problem that I had - and it is not unique to your leader but probably comes with the territory so to speak - was trying to remove the precision loop from the shorb loop. The precision loop on the leader is so tight and blends in so well with the shorb loop, it is a bear to slide them apart, especially when my fingers are wet and cold.

    Anyway, overall, I preferred the furled leader to the sinking tip.

    Thanks again,

    John Winzler
  3. Orthoman,

    Great! I know that I really enjoy using them and there have been times that while fishing, I switched back to using a tapered leader with tippet and did not like the results and went back to my furled leaders. I have a lot of confidence that my furled leaders will enable me to catch more fish and I hope they do the same for you.

    Keep the reports coming and if you want to try another furled leader made from a different material, just let me know the material you wish to try and the length you prefer for the furled leader and I will get it made and sent to you.


  4. Warren, Tried out the leaders on the switch rod this weekend --- just casting in the river and not fishing --- loved them. Now, looking forward to fishing with them.
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