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  1. billhouk's Avatar
    Congratulations! It is tough being "learning different".
  2. Uncle Jesse's Avatar
    I agree completely. Although from time to time I would like to knock the burrs off a comment they are as caustic as I have encountered in the workplace or in general public.

    Everyone involved in the management and maintenance does an outstanding job as far as I can see.
  3. Steve Molcsan's Avatar
    Excellent Eric, very well said!
  4. Crunchy's Avatar
    Eric, WOW, You must have been fishing for Steelhead!

  5. Eric-WD's Avatar
    MnBandy, I had to google Bandy to find out what it was, interesting game, bet you cant play that in this area. Every area has its price, fishing year round is nice but we pay for it by its raining year round.

  6. mnbandy's Avatar
    Thanks for the blog, Eric. Of course, I get green with envy hearing about places where there is even a possibility of open water fishing in February. This weekend I fished for sunfish through a hole I drilled in 30 inches of ice! Good luck on your return trip...
  7. Eric-WD's Avatar
    Flyfisher, it was more of a statement than a question, but thanks for reading, Wenatchee is actually the place I was speaking of possibly moving too. My wife is looking for a teaching job and Wenatchee has openings

  8. Flyfisher121's Avatar
    If I undersood the question, I live pretty much
    smack dab in the middle of washington state
    Wenatchee. There is one Flyshop here and a sporting goods shop that does an adequite job and several flyshops and and a Sportsmen's wh within 1-2 hrs from here. hope that helps
  9. modocdan's Avatar
    Hang on to that creel, Bro. It'll be more precious as time goes on. And keep up on the boot oil, once a year at least.
    Me, well my Ol' man wasn't much of a teacher, and he wasn't the one who taught me to fish, or to love fishin'.
    I did see the love of fishin' in him though, when he finally did take me fishin'. I was long ago hooked by then, though.
    I was about 14 then, and He was fishin drys usin a Monkey Wards Spin rod and reel, and a teardrop castin' bubble. It was the North Umpqua, and I watched him fish three days hard before he caught this wonderful summer Steelie on a Black Gnat..... Me, I was usin worms, and gettin nowhere.
    Well, I got me a bubble, and bummed a couple a them Gnats.
    After lots of work, and quite a bit of time, I got me one a them Steelies, too. On a Zebco rod and Closed face reel, the rod was about 6' long and stiff as a broom handle. Not much later, I was given an old split cane flyrod from Japan. It was no prize, but it was way cool in my book. It was in a wooden box and the whole show. Well I learned how to get my line out there, and a flyfisherman was born. I guess I caught most of my fish back then on drys that were so beat up, frazzled and wet that they sunk. That was '69, and I've got where I can get my line out a little better, and I fish wets and nymphs on purpose now, but, every time that fish comes up to dance, even just a little, no matter big or small...............I feel just the same as the first time.
  10. fivedials's Avatar
    Congrats to the both of you; but, more so to the future Teacher.
  11. scubatim's Avatar
    Congrats to your wife. You both must be very PROUD
  12. JohnScott's Avatar
    Now that is something to brag about !!!!!!

    Kudos to your wife, not only for her accomplishments in higher education, but for her chosen major and minor.

    We need more people like her.
  13. rtidd's Avatar
    I guess that means that there might actually be hope for all you fly fishers? I mean with flies you don't have a worm moving all over the hook (a weak tie in - but my new year's resolution is to convert JC to worm drowning)

    Way cool BTW Eric