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  1. Bad Luck Larry's Avatar

    Nah....knowing all those Latin names means that you just want to be closer, more intimate with flyfishing. I think that's what we humans do when we love something: We want to know everything about it.
    I love fishing, period. I also spinfish as well. But, it's a different experience altogether.
    Like you, I PREFER flyfishing. There's something indescribable about the experience.

    NOW....if you 'poo-poo' and 'pfah-pfah' anyone else NOT flyfishing OR nymphing while you SHOULD be dry flyfishing; or cutting their tippet with their teeth instead of clippers (not scissors); fish outside of a full moon or between the hours of 7-9 pm...(you get the point) ARE a snob.

    I've met my share as well. I laugh at what they know not, and wish the best for them. And, learn from the experience.
  2. vargoje3's Avatar
    Well I would have to agree that i've met some real big snobs while fishing and they ALL have been dryfly fisherman. For example last year when i was fishing the Madison a dryfly snob comes fishing up the bank i'm on. I've been in the same spot for over an hour and had caught and released about 4 or 5 decent sized browns and bows. I hooked into a real good one and it took off downstream. As i was getting to this guy I said sorry but i couldnt help it and you know what the sob did, he reached out grabbed my flyline and broke me off. I've also had dryfly guys fish up to the hole i've been nymphing in for hours and literally tangle there flies w/ my line and get pissed off at me!
  3. troutdancer's Avatar
    Good idea it will take a lot of involved thinking to get our younger fishers moving in that direction. I would like to see more things like fly tying. And along with that fish parks or casting parks just like the skate board parks. I think if we all (Fish Clubs) put these kind of ideas out there we could generate a good start to the future.
  4. Mike Ormsby's Avatar
    I'm with you on that one
  5. Eric-WD's Avatar
    "15 - If your partner takes pictures or videotapes of you Fly Fishing, you don't have to worry about them showing up on the Internet if you become famous."

    If I become famous, I sure don't want video of the way I cast now posted on the net.