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  1. B540Glenn's Avatar
    "...they don't taste good, so why are there so many?..."
    I think you just answered your own question.
  2. namekagon's Avatar
    Golly James...wish you were close and I'd give you a ride and you cud give me some pointers on casting.
    If you ask your Mom if it's OK..send me your address in a private message and I'll send you something to do with flyfishing. seeya!
  3. Flyandtie1's Avatar
    Yes they are good hooks, As are most every manufacturer.

    I encourage you to start posting these questions on the fly tying part of the forum. Blogs are more for statements that don't need an answer, not questions.
  4. Flyandtie1's Avatar
    look for a thread in the flytying part of the board. There was a recent thread on how to post one.
  5. Eric-WD's Avatar
    James, the place for questions like this one is over on the Board, more people will read it there. This Blog feature is more about posting opinions or things you dont need an answer to.

    Your fly sounds great

    to submit a fly of the week just email it with pictures to Lady Fisher. you can find her articles and email address on the main page,
  6. JohnScott's Avatar
    Way to go, James !!

    And you picked a great fly to start with. There are lots of places where scuds are the best thing you can have in your fly box. Some of the biggest trout around got that way from eating scuds.

    You're off to a good start. Hope you get to fish one of your flies soon.