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  1. James Ryncarz Jr.'s Avatar
    Sounds like a good time.
    If I were you set up a good time to fish so you don't have to hurry like you just said. But still It sounds like a good fishin' time, especially when coming home with a few fish!
  2. mnbandy's Avatar
    Thanks, James. Yep, I enjoy the Cabela's catalog, too. So far, I've mostly tied flies I've seen on this site, but I've gotten most of my material from Cabela's (there is one right on my way to lake, coincidentally!).
  3. James Ryncarz Jr.'s Avatar
    Nice job, i would gofly-fishing any day. Your starting fly-tying I tie too. Trust me you are going to have a kick from fly tying. Just a tip: look through a "Cabela's" flyfishing catalog to look for some cool flies to tie.