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  1. krauseb's Avatar
    Sagefisher, are you pulling our leg? Those are the type flies I will have to buy when I go down to New Orleans to fish salt water.
  2. pbcrappie's Avatar
    many years ago the wife and I lived in Yakama and worked up on White Pass. Loved to fish the small streams off of the mountain. I had a old bamboo pole that I would give anything to still have. Haven't thought about that area in a long time. The lake up there ran down to the river. Fished that whole streach many times. Thanks for the memoirable time. Thanks Paul
  3. sagefisher's Avatar
    The Stonefly photo didn't show up, will try to add it or post a new blog.

  4. Steve Molcsan's Avatar
    That look real nice and for a good cause to boot!

    Thanks for showing it here..

  5. James Ryncarz Jr.'s Avatar
    Nice Catch!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. jeffw's Avatar
    It was a fun trip and I enjoyed meeting folks again.