Oldman River In Southwestern Alberta

These are some pictures taken over the last couple of years while fishing the Oldman River in Alberta, as well as a couple of other Alberta streams and rivers.
  1. Just above the falls on the Oldman
  2. The Falls on the Oldman
  3. A friend with a nice Brown Trout caught in a nice small river in the fall in the foothills of Alberta
  4. Nice little stretch for lots of small Cutthroats from 3" up to 12". Lots of fun with a 3 or 4 weight rod
  5. Large Cutthroat from the Oldman below the falls
  6. This is actually the Livingston River just above it's confluence with the Oldman.
  7. The Livingston again
  8. A young man I had the pleasure of teaching a bit on the art of Fly fishing.
  9. An older gentleman I spend some time reintroducing to the joys of fly fishing after not holding a rod for a number of years.
  10. My son with one of his +20" Bull Trout
  11. A beautiful little section of the Oldman above the falls.
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