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Reviewed By Neil M. Travis - Dec 17, 2012

Ken Morrow is an old friend of FAOL and a longtime advocate for programs that allow individuals with disabilities to enjoy the sport of fly fishing and fly tying. This book is an outgrowth of that commitment.

Ken knows what he is talking about having served in the U.S. Army in Desert Storm, and later served in the U.S. Navy. He suffered multiple head injuries during his military career which resulted in permanent disability.

The Adaptive Fly Fishing Handbook is not a book for casual reading. More of a clinical textbook, it contains methodologies and ideas for interacting with individuals with disabilities. In the introduction Ken sets forth the purpose for this book, and I think his words explain it better than I can.

"This book is a discourse on and reference to those fundamentals, concepts, and principles that practitioners of therapeutic adaptive fly fishing and fly tying need to have in their 'tool box' if they want to develop any meaningful degree of proficiency."

If you have an interest in helping individuals with disabilities you should read this book.

Currently it is available in paperback and digital format from Amazon and Lulu.

The Adaptive Fly Fishing Handbook
Author: Ken Morrow, 2012
172 pages, Paperback and digital editions
ISBN 978-1-300-27808-5
$19.95 in paperback

A portion of all proceeds benefit the important work of the Adaptive Fly-Fishing Institute, Inc.


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