Rick Zieger - Jan 12, 2020

I joined FAOL in 1997, just a few years after I started fly fishing. I learned a great deal from the people who wrote on this site.

I had subscriptions to several fishing magazines in my quest to learn more. One of the things that bugged me a great deal was that there was very little written about ponds. Most articles dealt with fishing from a boat with a trolling motor, fish finder and depth gauge. Most of my fishing was done in small ponds with no boat access. This was before I got a canoe.

I saw a post on here that said that Lady Fisher was always looking for articles. I wrote one, a rant probably, titled “Ponds Were Not Small Lakes.” Wonder of Wonders it was published on this site.

A while after this I answered a phone call and it was Lady Fisher asking me to write a regular column. I protested that I was not a writer, and she disagreed. Guess who won that argument?

I’m not sure how long all my name has appeared on articles. I do know that several others have written much better articles than I have. I maintain that I am a fisherman putting words on paper.

For all of you that have commented on what I have written, I thank you. I hope that you found them fun to read and maybe helped you catch a fish.

My wish for you for the future is to find time to be on the water. May there be a tug on your line and a fish come to your hand.

Treat each body of water individually. I maintain that are ponds are not created equal and fish respond to the conditions that the pond presents.

Most of all, Have Fun!


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