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September 6th, 2004

Wind River Gloves
Al Campbell

I have tried to find time to do several product reviews, but there isn't enough time in each day for that. It isn't that I don't want to do them, but I have so many other things going on, I haven't even fished like I would love to this summer.

Here are a few things that have kept me busy. I have scraped and painted every bit of trim on my house and shed this summer. Almost every day I had off this summer had a relative's birthday or visit attached. I recently installed a new, large, heavy picture window. I have been working on a mapped survey of the fishing streams in the Black Hills for another company. And, to top it off, my parents visited on my days off for two weeks in a row. Not that I mind doing that stuff (except the painting), but it takes your time away, and fishing is killed in the process.

So, I'm going to break a tradition here and do several product reviews in a row as my normal columns. I'm sure a few vendors will be pleased by my actions, and I will be pleased to get them done. So, here is the first of several to come.

It took me way too long to do this. I have excuses, but that doesn't make it any better for the supplier. Jim Siegle and Wind River, my special apologies to you since I had planned to have this done last spring.

Wind River Value Line Gloves

Most of us have a series of weather that requires some sort of glove to protect our hands from the cold. Sometimes a fingerless glove will work, and sometimes it requires a glove that protects the fingers also. However, most gloves cost way too much, or they don't offer the things that we wish we had in a glove. That will change with the new value line of gloves from Wind River.

First of all, the value line gloves offer a material that is wind resistant and that is waterproof. Those two forces of nature are always there to disrupt you when fishing, and having gloves that counter them is a good idea. They also have leather-type of material in the palm of each glove to help hold a fly rod or anything else you might want to hold. I have tried them in at least a dozen different situations so far, and give them a thumbs up for comfort and wear.

The fingerless gloves cover the hand but leave the fingers and thumb open for easy use and knot tying. Although the fingers are open, the fact that the hand is covered will help a lot in keeping the fingers warm. I use fingerless gloves a lot when the weather is cold, but not cold enough to warrant a covering for the whole hand. Even on days when the line is trying to freeze to the guides of my fly rod, fingerless gloves usually do the trick for me.

Then there are times when the weather is so cold you shouldn't be out there in the first place. Your fingers are simply ice cycles that forgot where to thaw out. On those days, it is better to wear the gloves that double as mittens when the covers are pulled down. These gloves work as fingerless until you pull the covers over the fingers and thumb. They are comfortable and easy to use either way. Wear them as gloves, and then fold the covers down for fingerless gloves when needed. You can't go wrong with these gloves.

Now for the hard part. The prices for these gloves is $15.95 for fingerless, and $19.95 for the gloved ones (Flipmitt). Considering all the features, I believe that is a great price. They are warm and weather resistant, and easy to wear.

For more information, contact Wind River at:

Wind River
5610 County Road 1
Erie, CO 80516
Phone: (303) 652-0648
Fax: (303) 652-0653
~ AC

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