Al Campbell, Field Editor

August 23rd, 2004

Late Show at the Big Fish-In
Al Campbell

I have been asking for permission to go to the Idaho Fish-In for a few months now, but without a firm answer. The main problem is and always has been the time of year and obligations I may have at that time. This year is no exception. In fact, this year is a little more difficult than I thought it would be.

You see, this year there is a fly fishing show in Denver the same weekend the Fish-In starts in Idaho. And, the fishing show starts later this year, so the days really conflict with the Fish-In in Idaho. As soon as the fish show is done in Denver, I'm supposed to be working on the fly program for the company I work for. That leaves little chance for travel unless I do something to make it work. Well, I did something to make it work last spring, and it seems to be enough to convince them to let me go.

Of course, that wasn't without a lot of questions. First, there was a question of who would go this year. I have handled the program pretty much by myself for many years, with a guy who went to help, but was not as good at writing the program as I am, or at least I guess that was the point. This year, somebody else will take his place to add to the body of help, and to give the new guy a look at the show. He may or may not be at the show next year, but I'm hoping he will be able to make things run smoother at least this year.

Then, there were the questions of when I would get my part of the program done. I usually take a laptop computer with me to the show, and work on the program at night, but there is a lot more to do than what can be done on one computer at the show. The entire list has to be laid out on a computer and rated for the whole company. That takes time, and a lot of paperwork.

There were also questions about how to streamline the computer program to make it load faster. I spent roughly 100 hours on that project in the spring, learning new stuff about the computer, and applying it to the programs we already have. Now, instead of changing pages when we need to do a change of materials on the page, I can insert or delete the numbers of rows needed, and do the changes without sacrificing anything. It makes things run a lot faster.

This year there will be three guys at the show, and all of us will be working on the program. Hopefully, there will also be three laptop computers there too, so the documentation will go faster. If you think about it, if you take a program that has been designed to run faster, and split it three ways at the show, we might not have a lot to do when we get home. At least that is our hopes/prayers. If we get down to business right away and work real hard at the show, we may be nearly finished before we go home.

Anyway, that is the game this year, and I finally was given permission and the vacation days to go to the Fish-In in Idaho. Whether I get to go again next year will depend a lot on how things work this year. If we leave the show with a complete or mostly complete package of fly fishing programs, I'll bet next year will be a lot easier to get permission to go to a Fish-In. If it turns out like last year, and if we don't get the package done before November, I'll miss the rest of the fall Fish-Ins, no questions asked. So, I'm depending a lot on this Denver program and some speed in writing the program.

If you're planning on being at the Fish-In, look for me Monday evening. I would love to be there earlier, but that just won't happen. I will get off the plane from Denver on Sunday evening, unpack and repack for Idaho. On Monday morning I will be in my place of employment just long enough to turn in my paperwork and then head west for Idaho. If things go well, I might even be there before midnight, I hope. I will have my fly fishing gear and some fly tying stuff to boot. And, unlike last year, I will also have a spare knot tool in case I lose mine again this year. Would somebody please reserve a seat for me at the tying table? See ya there. ~ AC

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