Al Campbell, Field Editor

August 16th, 2004

The Non-Fisherman
Al Campbell

What does a flyfisherman do when there is no chance to go fishing? What I mean is, how would you cope with things if every day you had off was devoted to things other than fishing? I mean, would you just give up, or still try to fish? That is my question for this summer.

OK, I know I did get to fish a few days this summer; most specifically the trip to the Bighorn River, but most of the summer has been devoted to making sure the house I live in is fit to live in. I have painted trim (still have some left to do this weekend). I will be replacing the large picture window the next weekend I have off. And, I still have a deck to seal, and firewood to cut. Summers are just too short, especially when you only get about half the weekends off.

This has truly been one heck of a summer. If we start in April, I haven't had a weekend or day off completely free except for that trip to the Bighorn. And, I won't have a weekend off until sometime in September or maybe October, except the Idaho Fish-In. And, the fish-in is still in doubt, but looking better than it was several weeks ago. I suppose someone will have to teach me how to cast when I get there.

I haven't tied a single fly since June and few then. Anything I have done with a fly rod has been in the open lot behind my house, and little of that. My product reviews are few, and far between. I have a new fly line that hasn't seen water yet, but it does cast well in the lot. In fact, except for a few minor health issues, I would worry that I wasn't alive at all, except for the pain I feel while working on the house.

Now, don't get me wrong. I haven't been sitting on my duff watching TV or anything like that. While I admit to taking frequent breaks from the sun while working on the house in the heat on my days off, I was still working while everyone else in my neighborhood was inside enjoying air conditioning. I'm not even a painter and was out in the sun painting the trim and other stuff. It just isn't my summer I guess.

On a good note, it has been too dry here for much fishing. I did get to go for a day in May with a pair of pastors, fathers, or whatever you call a pair of Catholic priests. They were great company, and we did catch some fish. It wasn't great fishing like last time we fished together, but it was OK, and we had fun. That was my only trip to Castle Creek all summer long. I think I need to go again, but have no time.

So, here is my problem; how do you make time for summer stuff? I'm not asking you to create time for me; just asking you to suggest ways I can make time without missing the other stuff I have to do. It isn't the heat that bothers me either. I can deal with that for sure, but I need time to deal with it. I need three or four hours to fish without other concerns. So, how do you get that time?

Oh well, maybe I'm asking too much. I know some of you are hiding from the summer heat anyway, and others are trying to find a suitable place to fish. Some may be able to fish because they have few if any home obligations. And some may have all their stuff done already, so they can fish without remorse. I won't mention those who are fishing without worrying about the home. I can't or at least won't do that. I just want to add maybe 3 or 4 more days to the summer to fish in.

If I get to the fish-in (and I plan to do just that), I will need some help. Maybe Z or DG will have the time to teach me which end of the fly rod to hold. I'll probably need some casting instructions from JC, and maybe some fly tying stuff from the other guys there. And, if all goes well, I might even get to fish a bit. If you are there and see a guy looking at his fly rod with a puzzled look, give me a hand. I'm sure I'll need it. Well, at least I think I will. ~ AC

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