Al Campbell, Field Editor

August 12th, 2002

Remember When?
By Al Campbell

Lately I've been having a few nostalgic moments. It seems that the older I get, the more of those moments I have. Maybe that's because I have more memories to choose from? Maybe it's because I'm not too thrilled by a few recent events. Who knows why they occur more often as I grow older? I just know I remember when things were different than they are today, and I'm betting I'm not alone.

Let's see if you're old enough to remember some of the things I remember. I think some things were better then; do you?

Remember when:

  • Good was good, and bad was bad; and it was actually desirable to be good?

  • Homes were built from resources grown in our own country?

  • It was OK to manage wildlife for the greater good of the whole species and the welfare of the herd was top priority? This animal rights stuff and worrying about the feelings of an individual deer or prairie dog wasn't common or acceptable then.

  • People caught fish on flies with names like Professor, Coachman and Gray Hackle Peacock? The flies still catch fish; but they somehow faded out of the picture over time.

  • Hamburgers cost ten cents, gasoline cost a quarter a gallon, and a brand new Volkswagen car cost less than $2000? Of course, that was before Ralph Nader and class action law suits.

  • Coke was sold in bottles, cost a nickel, and was retrieved from a cooler that looked like a red freezer with a clear lid? It seemed to taste better in glass bottles than it does from an aluminum can or plastic bottle.

  • You could leave your fly rod on a picnic table while you went to the restroom, and actually find it there when you got back?

  • The words "Made in the USA" meant more than just the final assembly was done here?

  • Our heroes and role models were soldiers, policemen, firemen, the Lone Ranger and Superman; not some guy who can throw a ball or shoot baskets? They didn't make a lot of money, they usually used clean language in public, and they actually cared that someone was looking up to them as an example of a wholesome lifestyle.

  • Federal judges realized that the words "One nation under God" and "In God we trust" were written to acknowledge a power greater than human government or the individual man; not to endorse any particular religion?

  • A handshake was a contract that was honored?

  • You pulled into a gas station or drive in food establishment, and someone came to your car to wait on you?

  • Leather and fur garments were not only acceptable; they were fashionable?

  • Eating meat, including wild game and fish was acceptable and didn't raise any questions about ethics; but extra-marital sexual encounters by public officials weren't acceptable and did raise questions about ethics?

  • If you gave someone your word, you were actually expected to honor it?

  • The whole family sat down to dinner together and actually talked to each other about the day's events?

  • It was acceptable for groups like the Boy Scouts to have ethical and moral standards, even if you didn't agree with all of them?

  • The special interest group that gathered the most local donations was the Boys Club car wash at the local grocery store? The focus was healthy youth; not special rights groups.

  • It was OK to hold the door for ladies, older people and anyone who looked like they could use a hand? When did good manners go out of style?

    Do you remember any of these? We will never see some of them again in our lifetimes. With a little luck, and maybe a collective change of heart, we might recover a few of the more important ones. At least I can hope and pray for that to happen. Nobody has banned that, yet. ~ AC

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