Al Campbell, Field Editor

July 1st, 2002

Too Busy To Know The Difference
By Al Campbell

The last week and a half has been hectic. Sometimes I think I take on a little more than I can handle, but I always seem to muddle through it and get it done. I guess life would seem like it was only half-lived if I didn't keep it full.

To start things off, I went on my annual flyfishing trip to the Bighorn River. That is something I needed for the body and mind. There's nothing like a few days on a big river full of fish to fix a perspective that has been muddied by long hours of work and too many days working on things that have nothing to do with recreation. I didn't take a laptop, I didn't take pictures, and unlike many other trips to the big river, I just fished and relaxed.

I tried out a few new products that I will be reviewing later for you. I put my new Waterskeeter pontoon boat through rapids strong enough to soak my sunglasses and me. I loaded it down with enough gear to draw a few chuckles from other fishermen, then took it through the roughest water I could find. I learned that I could trust it more than the other pontoon boat I already own, but I didn't have anyone to take pictures of me running the rapids in my new ride.

When I got back, it was a return to work and a tough schedule. I also had a few projects around the house to finish quick because I will soon be converting to a cable modem, and that required snaking cable through walls in the basement. That consumed my only day off this week.

To top all of that, I'm one of six candidates in a celebrity fundraiser for the Black Hills Diabetes Association. This week I attended publicity functions and created posters and such for their annual "kiss a pig" contest to raise funds for Diabetes research and treatments. I don't do real well on 4 hours of sleep.

I don't think of myself as a celebrity, but those who nominated me must think that my long-running outdoor column in the local newspaper places me in enough public view to make me a valuable contestant. Other candidates are local disc jockeys, businessmen and reporters. If my mug shot raises more cash than the other guys, I get the "honor" of kissing Harley (a real live pig) at the fair in August. Maybe I can miss it by a dollar or two?

Maybe I shouldn't be telling you all this stuff. You might decide to load me up with donations and send a photographer to "witness" the kissing event. Don't they call that "soft money"? Next we'll be talking campaign reform.

Anyway, look for a few reviews and a few words about the fishing on a very low Bighorn River this year. If we don't get some rain locally, that might be all the fishing I get to do this summer.

Until next time, take care. I must now go and practice my pucker and smooching techniques. I don't want Harley to complain. ~ AC

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