Al Campbell, Field Editor

May 23rd, 2004

Old Time Music
Al Campbell

Wednesday is my usual day off, so most weeks I write my weekly column, or at least part of it, on that day. It limits the time I have to fish many weeks, but that is usually the only time I have free when I can think and write. However, this week I had a different type of Wednesday. In fact, it was totally consumed without even turning on my computer.

It all started Tuesday night after I got home from work. I had two large frames to build for work, so I was busy when my wife (Patty) got home. Everything went smoothly for about an hour and then the phone rang. The caller was a friend of Patty's who had a friend who wanted to get rid of an exercise machine, and we could have it free if we would only go get it.

When we got there, it was a Weider 8630 mini gym (another name for fancy weight lifting machine). We took it apart and loaded it up, then drove home. But now, my frame work was about 4 hours behind schedule, so I got to work into the early morning on that. No problem, I often work late into the night, frequently ending my time in the early morning.

On Wednesday morning I got up after a mere 5 hours of sleep and took the frame to work. Heck, I had the large pictures hung by noon. I still had plenty of time to do several errands, put the exercise machine back together again, and still write my column. Or, that's what I thought.

Three trips to the hardware store for missing nuts and bolts later, and I had the machine put back together, but it was now about 5PM, and I had a garage full of sawdust from the frame adventure. No problem, I had all evening to clean the garage and write an article for this week. Or so I thought. Then the phone rang.

The guy on the phone was my dentist and fishing buddy, Erik. He had two extra tickets to the Eagles farewell tour concert, and would meet us at the south doors at about 7:15. "Don't be late" were his final words. No problem, or so I thought. Since concerts usually only last for about an hour and a half, I could be home by 10 and get at least part of that article written.

Well, the concert didn't really start until about 8:15, and about 9:45 the Eagles took a short break since they planned to give us a 3 hour concert. Since our seats cost Erik $125.00 apiece, I suppose three hours isn't out of line. No problem, or so I thought. I would be able to work on the article for at least an hour after I got home.

Holy smokes! That was one fine concert! They rocked and rolled and entertained us in fine fashion for three hours and 15 minutes. The sound was perfect, the lighting was great, and they had two large screen monitors with camera close-ups of the action on the stage. Unlike most concerts, they really did sound like they do on CD. However, unlike their CD's, they played more music and really got down to business. It was the best concert I have ever attended, period! When the last notes of Desperado faded from the speakers, it was 11:30; but I wouldn't have missed it for anything. Sometimes doing a buddy a favor (as I did for Erik last summer), pays off in huge rewards. He couldn't have found a better way to repay that favor.

Well, it is Thursday evening and I'm sitting here writing this column. I wouldn't have changed anything to make it go any faster either. Sometimes you just have to shuffle with the flow if you want to partake of the good things in life, so that is what I did. We got a free exercise machine and a free concert out of the deal too. How could anyone complain about that?

What does any of this have to do with fishing? Not a damn thing! However, it does have something to do with the flow of life, and that flow effects our days and plans. Sometimes things just don't go off as planned. However, sometimes they go off better than I could ever plan. It's that way in fishing too. Our best-made plans sometimes don't go as we had wished they had. However, if we take life as it is given, maybe they will work out better than we had planned after all. And, that has everything to do with fishing and life in general.

Oh, by the way, if you get a chance to see an Eagles concert on this final tour, you'd be nuts to miss it. ~ AC

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