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Click here for more info St. Croix is a name you know if you've ever cast any rod at all. It may mean even more to you if you don't think flyrods should cost a mortgage payment. Remember, fishing is GOOD for you.

Click here for more info Albright Tackle provides high-performance fly fishing tackle to anglers around the world. Their goal has been to deliver the best in quality coupled with prices that simply cannot be matched. How are prices up to 75% off retail possible? Actually, it's pretty simple. When you buy with them you're buying direct from the designers, direct from the manufacturer. Simply put, there is no retail mark-up.

Click here for more infoMustad hooks! For the best in fly tying hooks, it is Mustad! Check out the NEW Mustad Fly of the Month - MSA Hopper, for a high-floating pattern for use nearly everywhere, (droppers too). Step-by-step instructions too. Don't miss it!

Click here for more info Cortland Line Company is the oldest line company in the country. From the introduction of the 333 Fly Line in 1953 to the great NEW Precision PE+ Crystal lines, Cortland is the leader in fly line design and the favorite of the new fly fisher and seasoned veteran. Have you seen their Sylk line? Thinner and more forgiving with the subtle feel of silk. Beautiful.

Tenkara TimesThough long popular in Japan, tenkara fly fishing was almost unknown in western countries until 2008 when the first enthusiasts started posting about it on western fly fishing forums. Today, thousands of anglers fish tenkara. The Tenkara Times online magazine is designed to introduce you to this style of fishing and help you understand tenkara. Here, you can find the tutorial, the tenkara fishing techniques library, and effective kebari fly patterns. At the gear store page, you will find the largest variety of tenkara specific tackle outside of Japan. Montana AnglerMontana Angler Fly Fishing specializes in designing customized fly fishing trips across Southwest Montana. Montana is home to some of the most diverse wild trout fishing opportunities in the world with a huge variety of rivers, streams, spring creeks and lakes to sample. Our seasoned team of guides has over 150 collective years of guiding experience and an average experience level of over 12 years per guide on our local waters.

Click here for more info Blue Quill Fly Company supplies the angler with great flies, including CUSTOM TYING! But best of all, the owner, BOB KRUMM, IS THE TOP WESTERN GUIDE. Ask Bob about the terrific Spring Fishing on his favorite Montana and Wyoming waters. Book early; and often!

Click here for more info Tie The Fly - After decades of seeing poor fly tying materials offered up by the big wholesalers, I decided to open a small online business, sharing the quality materials that I have been able to source over the years. This is a site owned by a fly tyer for fly tyers. I will add new material as funding permits. Maintaining quality over quantity is my commitment.

Click here for more infoDon Ordes has tied flies for fishing, decorating, collecting, and gift-giving for over 45 years. Fantasy Flies make a perfect gift for those 'hard to buy for' flyfishermen. Recently, Don did a DVD showing his 'Rope-dub' technique, a must-have for any tier looking the broaden his/her dubbing capabilities and range. Denny Conrad reviewed the DVD and has since adopted the 'rope-dub' as his preferred method. Visit Fantasy Flies for a unique mind-trip of artistic flies, cartoons, and much more.

Click here for more info The J. Stockard Promise -

Provide the widest selection of fly tying and rod building materials, tools & supplies, as well as selected fly fishing gear from top manufacturers. Focus on value by featuring quality products at great prices. Deliver what you need, when you need it. Create a shopping experience that is fast, easy & fun.

Click here for more info NuCanoe for you. Looking for a personal water craft? NuCanoe is 'new' and really an innovation. Versatile - Stable and Fun for you and your family (even the dog.)

Click here for more infoThe Bearlodge Angler is the answer to all those tying materials you can't find. A family owned, true 'Mom and Pop' shop with personal attention and help. Check out their fur supply too, they have Legal Polar Bear.

Click here for more info BT's Fly Fishing Products are selected by Al and Gretchen Beatty with you the tier and fly angler in mind. Tying materials, tools, books, instructional videos, quality rods, vises and reels - it's all here.

Click here for more info Friends of FAOL This website would not be possible without the support of Friends of FAOL. It is your involvement in this website that makes it work. We welcome information, articles, flies and humor. And we hope you pass this site on to your friends. But you can be a more active part of 'friends' too. Here's how, click here!

Click here for more info Stone River Outfitters, formerly known as Hunters Angling Supplies, is a real shop with an outstanding FREE catalog. Lots of hard to find tying materials. Get your catalog today.

Click here for more infoBatson Enterprises Inc. is American Owned and Operated, with a long history of serving rod builders. They are the home of Rainshadow rod blanks, and Forecast components. If you are a rod builder, or have a fly shop, here is your best source!

Click here for more infoHook & Hackle has been keeping fly fishers supplied for 25 years. Their catalog is jam-packed - and free. You can order directly from their on-line store too. Great products, affordably priced and the very best service. Visit their website and order your catalog. Check out the special discounts too. You'll be glad you did!

Click here for more info Seaguar is the producer of the very best of the Fluorocarbons - if you haven't tried any, (or been unhappy with your choice) do yourself a favor - try Grand Max!

Click here for more info Clearwater Hackle is a family-run business located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. We specialize in feathers for the fly tying community, with a special emphasis on dry fly hackle. Our flock comes from the famous Conranch Hackle line and is believed to be the oldest pure strain of Darbee-selected chickens in the world. Developed over several decades by Denny Conrad we are able to continue to produce hackles of unsurpassed quality.

Click here for more info The Big Horn Trout Shop in Fort Smith Montana, is your connection for a great fishing adventure! A great fly shop, the very best guides in the region, information on hatches and a comfortable place to stay at the end of the day. Everything you need in one place. Thinking Montana? Start here!

Click here for more info Hedron makes FLASHABOU, and the newest addition to their fine tying materials MIRAGE! These are the materials that put the 'flash' in your flies. Check out the Skinny Minny fly for a minnow/baitfish imitations.

Click here for more info The Global dorbeR Group has established a fine reputation with the FAOL readers. Rods, reels, lines and more at reasonable prices. If you take the time to read what they believe, and then visit their website, you will remember the name - and what they are doing for our sport of fly fishing!

Click here for more info troutflies.com is an online fly shop. Well, not exactly. Great flies, tied by American name tiers - and lots of great information for you. Fly patterns, excellent tutorials and discounts too!

Click here for more info Flyfishing & Tying Journal is a first-rate quarterly magazine for both the fly fisherman and fly tier. Jam packed with interesting articles and tying instruction - plus how to, where to, and when! Everything you need to improve your catching skills. Pick up a copy at your favorite fly shop, or save a bunch and subscribe now!

Click here for more info Salmon Trout Steelheader

is a magazine for those who love to fish for the tough fish. Information on where, when and what to use. This is not an 'elite' fly fishing magazine, it's written by folks who mostly love steelhead and salmon. If you are looking for good information, it's here.

Click here for more info Frank Amato Publications Many of the graphics and book reviews on this site are from the collection of Amato publications. We thank them for providing permission and access to these materials as well as directly supporting our efforts, to provide quality information to our readers..

Click here for more info Jake's Grill, Portland, Oregon is the ONLY place to eat. Great food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Happy Hour goodies (or the BEST steak). Fly Fishing is spoken here, stop by the next time you are in town!

Click here for more infoDePuy Spring Creek

Located just a few miles south of Livingston, Montana at the north end of the valley that the locals call Paradise Valley, DePuy Spring Creek LLC is truly an angler's paradise.

Click here for more infoTenkara Bum
Tenkara fishing is simple - it's fly fishing the way it used to be. Before things got complicated. Before you needed a truck to haul your gear and a second mortgage to pay for it. It's fishing with just a rod, a line and a fly. You don't use a reel, but then again, you don't need a reel when fishing small streams. And it is the ideal technique for fly fishing small streams.

Click here for more infoMars Bay

Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge, South Andros, Bahamas - World class fly fishing for bonefish. Excellent guides, dependable boats, great food, clean and comfortable rooms, and ice cold beer. All inclusive fishing resort.

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