Fish-In 2008

I'm Going to the FAOL MICHIGAN FISH-IN 2008

The following people claim they will meet us at Grayling, Michigan. We are looking forward to seeing you all! Let's go fish!

Bill and Jean Desavage - MI

JC and the LadyFisher - WA

Jack Hise - TN

Christopher Haddad - (mnklagoon)

Betty and Cary Hiner - KS

Heidi, Jim Flamming and the boys (Jon and Wes) - MI

Joe Valencic - Ohio

Tom Warmington - Ohio

Brad Sherrick - Ohio

John Campbell - KY

Bob Tibbetts - KY

Mike Flanagan - (ohiotuber) - Ohio

Tim Creighton - (scubatim) - Indiana

Mark Steffens - MI

Ed Dillon - (EdD) - TN

Mike Janosko - (shorthaul)- Ohio

Deb (Mato Kuwapi) and Bill Freele - London, Ontario

Martin Looker - MI

Jim Riemersma - MI

Mike (Mike29) and Megan Plummer - IL/NC

Dave (streamcaddis) and Dee Hilton - MI

Drew Zimmer (zimrx17) and wife, 2 daughters and his parents! - MO

If you want to add your name to the list, email me please say MICHIGAN '08! ~ LadyFisher

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