Fish-In 2007

I'm Going to the FAOL MICHIGAN FISH-IN 2007

The following people claim they will meet us at Grayling, Michigan. We are looking forward to seeing you all! Let's go fish!

JC and the LadyFisher - WA

Jack Hise (Cactus Jack) - Tullahoma, TN

Mike Flanagan (ohio tuber) - OH

Al Thomas - OH

Bill and Jean Desavage - MI

Brad Sherrick (Kaboom1)- OH

Bill Horner (FatBill) - OH

John and Sylvia Campbell (JCampbell), Lexington, KY.

Rich (Jonezee) and Sharon Jones (Michigander) - Manchester, MI

Drew Zimmer (zimrx17-) Kirksville, MO

Jeremy Zimmer (Drew's brother - stinkbait - Centerville, IA)

Dan and Roberta Zimmer (Drew's parents - Princeton, MO)

Ryan Mills - (Wild One)& my father-in law, Tony Toronto - OH.

Deb (Mato Kuwapi) and Bill Freele - London Ontario.

Ed Dillon (EdD) - TN

Dave Tigani (Tig) - Canada

Jim Flamming, wife Heidi and two little ones (Jon and Wes) - MI

Cary and Betty Hiner - KS

Joseph E.Valencic and Dick Erickson - OH

Joe Sprys - MI

Bill Grant (CRANKBAIT)- Evart, Michigan

Mark and Luba Lishchynsky (Marco) - IL

Ron and Mary Kobish - (onefly)

Glenn Weaver and family - MI

If you want to add your name to the list, email me please say MICHIGAN '07! ~ LadyFisher

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