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By LadyFisher

What's a Fish-In?

A Fish-In is just a gathering of people who read Fly Anglers OnLine (FAOL). There is one 'main' Fish-In each year, and several regional ones. (Click on any of the Previous Fish-Ins listed on the Fish-In menu to see what goes on.) The prime reason is to get together with others who enjoy FAOL and fish. We try to hold them where there is a variety of accommodations including campgrounds. They are mostly unstructured, with less adult supervision than a Boy Scout camp. Some events may be held, casting games, fly tying or perhaps a visit from a local Fish and Game person or guide who can recommend good areas to fish.

Who can attend?

Anyone who reads FAOL is welcome, including families, boyfriends, girlfriends and significant others.

Where are they held?

The 'main' Fish-In for 2006 is at Grayling, Michigan. A regional one is set for Roscoe NY, eastern Washington, Branson, MO, Ste-Marguerite, Quebec and Lowell, ID. One was held in Florida this spring as well.

Scroll through the Fish-In Menu to see other places where we have had Fish-Ins.

How do I find about them?

The major Fish-Ins can be found on the Fish-In Menu, and smaller regional ones are listed on the Bulletin Board under the Fly Anglers OnLine section.

What does it cost?

There are no fees for registration or attending charged by FAOL. Those attending are entirely responsible for making their own reservations and arrangements. Cost is dependant on where one wishes to stay and what you choose to eat. Usually some sort of group dinner is planned, it may be a pot luck, BBQ or steak fry or whatever is locally available.

Do I have to attend the whole thing?

Those attending can come for a day or the whole week. Whatever fits into your schedule and budget.

Can I arrange one locally?

If you have a good fishery with access and a wide availability of accommodations you probably have everything you need to hold one. Someone must be willing to provide local information and be the contact person for each Fish-In.

Who can I contact about a Fish-In?

Contact the publisher, for information, to add your name to a "Going" list, or with suggestions.

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