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February 15th, 1999

Au Sable River Journal
By Bob Linsenman
Frank Amato Publications Inc.
P.O. Box 82112, Portland Oregon 97282 Phone: 503-653-8108, email Frank Amato Publications

I've waited a long time for this book. The Au Sable River Journal is one of a terrific series on the fine trout waters of America. This one is particularily dear to me because the Au Sable in Michigan is my home water.

When it arrived a couple of weeks ago, we were in the process of leaving for the San Mateo Show, and doing the work necessary to have this website ready for the next week. In other words, I didn't have time to sit down and read it. I thought I'd do a quick look and really read it when we got back. That lasted a couple of pages.

Au Sable River Journal is just wonderful. JC and I know this water. And to be honest, I got a little misty-eyed reading some of the descriptions. The author has balanced the history, magic and reality of the river. He has included a map with selected access points of special interest to fly anglers, three pages of color photos of the flies, hatch chart, fly shops and outfitters, and a list of camping facilities.

But best of all are the glorious photos! Photos of fish and fisherman, photos of the river from the calm sandy shallows to the big water at Mio Dam. Wonderful stuff!

Perhaps the reason it is wonderful is the attitude of the author, Bob Linseman described in "About the Author:" Bob Linseman has been fly fishing (exclusively) for more than 40 years. He fishes throughout North America and the Caribbean, but his favorite and home water is Michigan's Au Sable River."

"He is a fly-fishing guide and writer. His published books are Michigan Trout Streams: A Fly Angler's Guide and Great Lakes Steelhead: A Guided Tour for Fly Anglers , W.W. Norton, (Both with Steve Nevala). His articles appear in Fly Fisherman, The Fly Fisher, American Angler, Midwest Fly Fishing, and Wild Steelhead & Salmon. He is the editor of the Riverwatch the journal of The Anglers of the Au Sable."

"Bob's daughter Ciree lives in New Mexico and his son Marc resides in Chicago. He owns two old 4WD Chevy trucks, 21 fly rods, one drift boat, three shotguns, and a good camera. Bob lives with two labrador retrievers in a cabin near the Au Sable. He is obviously single."

Author Linsenman and friend

The series of River Journals published by Amato each cover the most outstanding North American trout, salmon and steelhead rivers. Each is a sumptuous, full-color visual feast of the river and it's environment. Produced on premuim, thick, high-gloss paper showing the river and it's fishing in different moods, seasons and faces throughout the year.

Others in the series include the Madison, Silver Creek, Thompson, Big Hole, Penn's Creek Rio Grande, Miramichi, Upper Sacramento, and Salmon River (NY). There are currently 20 River Journals available with more scheduled.

Sunset at McMasters Bridge

The prices range from $14.95 to $15.95 and form an excellent basis for a fly fishing library. The River Journal: Au Sable is softbound, priced at $15.95, ISBN: 1-57188-093-3. If you have every been on the Au Sable or plan on fishing it in the future, get it. Maybe you will be a little misty-eyed too. ~ DB

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