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Scientific Anglers Wet-Tip Express

by James Castwell

For years I was known as an 'upstream-and-dry' type of flyfisher. So it is with some near embarrassment I attempt to give you any kind of a report on a sinking-tip fly line; let alone a Wet-Tip Express by Scientific Anglers. Now if I was going to do a real good job of this I would have tested several lines, on several rods and several different conditions. I am not going to do that because I only had one line.

Wet Tip Express

I can compare it though with some sinking tip lines I have used and how it cast and performed in general with them. The occasion was a three day trip to the Weigh-West Marine Resort, Tofino, BC, Canada in early October of this year. I was after some silver salmon and would be casting to the shoreline from a boat over about twenty feet of water. My host told me to get a 375 grain line from SA (Scientific Anglers). Remember, I am the dry-fly guy.

On occasion I have used a SA sinking tip off of the beaches here near Seattle, Washington for silvers and know how they cast and something of what to expect of them. They are not as nice to cast as a regular WF line, but not a problem. They are not a 375 grain head though, usually a type one or so, very slow sinking. It was not with great joy I ordered the new fly line for the trip.

Wrong! I have no idea how the folks at SA did it, but they made one that casts just dandy. (I actually enjoyed it). As I would stand in the bow of the boat, load a few yards of line into the cast and give it a double-haul shot, out it went. Way out it went. Instead of being more work, it was less, or at least seemed less. I was not in shape to cast a nine weight rod all day but had no arm or shoulder problems after three days of fishing. And it was not just pitch it out and leave it there, it was cast, let it sink for about three seconds and strip it in. Then cast again.

"Ya, sinking tips are great for getting down a bit, but they tend to hinge near the tip part," is not a phrase I will be using much anymore. It sure doesn't fit the Wet Tip Express! These days there are improvements in many things and at least this line is one I know of for sure. I am not suggesting you run right out and buy one, but if in the future you think you need one, it worked just dandy.~ JC

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