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A 'Stripping' Basket
by James Castwell

Sorry, but I had to call it something and for one thing sure, a 'basket' it is NOT! "And that's a good thing," as some would say. Count me solidly in that group. I hate stripping baskets, either that, or they hate me, perhaps both are true. I have owned two and tried a few more on loan from those who would lead me astray, even made one of my own. I gave them back and burned the three I had. I even thought of a midnight ceremony with some chicken blood added but decided at the last minute to abstain from rituals. Burning was good enough for them if you know what I mean.

"If you ever find a stripping basket that works, let me know." Those were my comments for several years at the sports shows. I never found one that really worked. I figured out the main problem with stripping baskets, the one thing that has eluded all the manufacturers for years. The only thing that is wrong is...THEY ARE BASKETS.


If they can get around the basket idea they may have something ...and they have. And I have one...and you don't...yet. This thing works. At last, a thing, devise, platform, widget, whatchamacallit...a, a, 'Stripping-Aid.' Ya, that's what it is, an aid to stripping, well then again, how about 'a thing that hangs at your side and gives you a place for the fly line after you have stripped it in to lay before you double-haul it back out on the next cast.' There you have it the perfect name for this thing.

Seriously, the name is 'Stripping-Aid', it comes from Texas and it works. I had a chance to give it a really good workout a week ago off the beach here while I was attempting to annoy some silver salmon. As you can see in the picture, it is a platform with knobs and no sides. It is, of course, fully adjustable, which I found necessary in actual use. I found that if I stayed in one depth of water it was fine, but if I moved deeper my fly line would float up off of it. These things a guy learns by use.


I learned too that if I had it riding up high, I had waded out deeper, and used a long pull on my double-haul it was not a good idea. A few smart raps on my left knuckles soon alerted me to that. But, after a short time in use I came to love the thing. I became adept at changing it's height and position readily. Sure, once in a while my line would not all be coiled on it, but 99% of the time it worked just fine.

I did not have the problem of kelp and grass catching on my slack line nor the tide current pulling it down stream from me. This made it a lot less tiring as I did not have to fight those two usual problems. I understand it can be used in other situations but I can not give you a report on those as the above was the only test I could give it, for me that was enough. Like I said, it works.

The price is about the same as a new fly line which puts it reach of everyone who needs a place for their line whether wading or float-tubing. Very well made, available from many outlets, nice and light, convenient to use and it does what it should. ~ JC

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