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Smart Shield Sunscreen Towelettes

by Steve Zweber

We all enjoy a nice sunny day fishing, feeling the warmth of sols rays on our body, the glittering reflections upon the water and knowing that rain gear won't be required. It all makes for a perfect day (just add rising fish).

But how often do we think about the effect of the suns rays upon our skin? Were you aware there are more cases of Melanoma in the US each year then any other type of cancer? We all need to protect our skin from the sun anytime we go outside. Yet I know this isn't always the case with me. It's easy to forget the sunscreen. It comes in bottles or tubes that don't easily fit in a vest or chest pack.

I was sent two packets of Smartshield Sunscreen Towelettes, spf30. The packets are 2"x 3 " and fit easily into a vest pocket. The label states that it is eco-friendly, oil free and waterproof. As an added bonus it is also an insect repellent.

I had the opportunity to try the product out on a float down a local river last July 4th, a very sunny hot day. The packet was easy to open, and held a folded "towel" about one foot square. It had a light pleasant odor that quickly went away. There were three of us in the boat and we all used it that morning. The directions state to "reapply often" but the fishing started heating up and we all forgot. At the end of the day I'm pleased to say none of us were sun burned, although we did see a few streaks where we could have applied the product a bit better.

A few weeks later after an evening float down the river, we were standing around talking about the fishing. The mosquitoes started eating my legs like crazy! I remembered the packet of SmartShield I had opened and used before was still in my vest. I unfolded the packet and wiped the towel on my exposed legs and instantly the bugs stopped biting me. That was impressive, a package that had been used, just been folded shut, almost forgotten about, still worked!

All in all, I liked this product. It's very convenient to have in your vest, is easy to apply with no fuss or mess and it works!

Next time you go fishing on a sunny day, wear a wide-brimmed hat, long sleeves, sunglasses and don't forget the sun screen, or do like I do, keep a packet of SmartShield in your vest.

Smart Shield products are available through Academy stores in Texas, Sun and Sea Sports nationally, and many sport and fly shops. If you can't find it in your region, you can order directly from ~ Steve Zweber

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