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Marryat M.P Vise
by James Castwell

I met Marc Petitjean several years back at a tackle show, Denver I think. He had a booth near ours and even though we were busy, I couldn't help but notice the fellas at the front of his display, the interest in his products was very obvious. He was showing how to use his MP Vise and a few other things. What stuck with me for a number of years was when he would take a break, he would take it apart and put it all inside of the vises base. I don't travel as much as I once did with my tying stuff, but that feature intrigued me. I remembered too that it was a basic pedestal type, but a clever C clamp allowed it to fasten to a very thick table if needed.

I think it is only fair to give you some background here. My first was a Thompson eons ago. Then the Renzetti Traveler for many years which I replaced with a DynaKing Sidewinder. All worked just fine for the time and place for which they were intended. When I moved out here to 'Salmon' water, is when I sold the Traveler and got the Sidewinder, it was just a lot stronger and sturdier, much better for bigger flies.

Well, I am still here, so why did I switch to the MP Vise? Because I wanted to, that's why. In my opinion that is the most common reason guys do such things, they just want to. I had an opportunity to sell my Sidewinder and that gave me the rationalization that I could get a new vise. And I was not too thrilled with the way the rear part of the Sidewinder got in the way a bit when I tied streamers. So I got the MP Vise.

I liked it so well, I leaned on them a bit and got them to come on as a sponsor too. Actually, 'they' are Marryat, the ones who carry Marc's vise. I had it only one day when my fishing buddy, Al came over to see it, he will order one when he gets back from Alaska, loves the thing. I am sure it is not for everybody though, we all seem to have our likes and dislikes, but I would be hard pressed to find any features or things about it I do not like. It is a darn well designed product. And well made too.

There is a lot of information on the 'Sponsors' page and on the Marryat page too about it's features. It comes with a well organized CD to explain it's features and how to get the most value from it. Yes, it is a rotary, and about everything else you can think of, very cleverly engineered. Now I know how those guys at the show felt, actually I am a bit ahead of them, I have one now. ~ JC

Marryat USA
1250 108th Ave. NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: 1-425-451-7424
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