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L2L Connector System
by Scientific Anglers

by James Castwell

For years folks have been trying to make a connection device to fasten a fly line to a leader. None have been very satisfactory. Now Scientific Anglers has come to our aid with a easy to use, convenient to carry and durable connector for the job. I have tried them and they work.

I can see many uses for the L2L Connector. Let's take a look at some applications. Beginners can now buy a leader and actually get it onto the end of the fly line. That is progress. If he messes it up he can put on a new one without leaving the stream or lake. That is real progress.

For any with ageing eyesight these will guarantee a good solid joining between line and leader. How about a guide who provides the gear? Simple, fast (about 30 seconds), and strong.

Several other features have been incorporated too. The things float. Really. No more will your nail-knot or loop-to-loop collect grass and pond scum and sink the end of your line. The color will give you a great way to follow the end of your line without adding a strike indicator too.

Less drag in the water and in the air and goes through the guides much smoother than any knot ever did. Longer smoother casts, easy pick-up from the water.

The NEW Scientific Anglers leaders come with one end already attached. All you do is put the other end on your fly line, (3x through 6x on 9 foot leaders) with the connector kit that comes with five ready-to-use units.

Priced at $3.75 for the leader with connector, and $3.95 for the connector kit. ~ JC

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