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Simple Furled Leaders
by Kathy Scott

Kathy Scott DVD

by James Castwell

Do you understand any of this business about furled leaders? Twisted ones, braided ones, crocheted ones? I don't, well, make that, I didn't before now. I have been hearing about these things for some time now and really did not have a great inclination to pursue the idea very far. To me a leader is mono, or mono type anyhow. The idea of learning all about some string or leader twisted up out of tying thread held no interest.

I had a sad experience with one at a casting contest in N.Y. once. The thing simply blew apart, shredded and became worthless. A knot tied in one proves a mighty challenge as well. Then a few things happened. I started hearing about a few of the guys I know using the things. Worse yet, they liked them, some used the same one a whole season.

This past weekend I had the chance to fish some with a group and since I was breaking in a new silk five weight fly line, one of the guys gave me a furled leader about five feet long. It had a tiny loop on each end which made it easy to at least try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I suppose. Well, I gained. No, I am not going to switch to the things for all uses... yet. But who know's, stranger things could happen.

I have a lot to learn about which material is the best for which uses. Things like if you want it to float, what do you make it up from? If it is to sink, do you use something else? Not at all sure at this point, but am open to more information, Why?

The darn thing worked like a charm, that's why. everyone knows that a silk line has a tendency for the tip to start to sink after a few hours of use. The furled leader floated like a cork and I had no problem with 'tip-sink' on my silk line. Ok, so much for having my interest.

A few days ago we received a D.V.D. from Kathy Scott from Maine. She has been twisting these things up for some time now and put it all on the disc. Last night I played it on my P.C. here. What a nice job. I actually understand how they are made. Am I going to start making up my own? Only if I run out of friends. But, with this disc I am positive I could do it, and get it right from the very first one. She has left nothing out.

If you have any interest in making your own leaders, having the ability to control the tapers and lengths, for only fifteen bucks you are in business. It is in color, it is sharp, not fuzzy, the sound is fine and each step is simple and clear. Remember too, when you play a D.V.D. you can stop at any time and print out a picture at that point.

Kathy, a tip of the old fishing hat, nice job, well done, hope you sell a bunch. If you would like one or a video tape Kathy can be reached at:
~ JC

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