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Gerber Scout Multi-Plier 600

Function and Comfort!

by James Castwell

The catalog says, "This is the perfect Multi-Plier 600 Series model for fisherman and outdoorsman." Could be; but I hesitate to use the word perfect on anything. I got a pair of them because it said they have a carbide coated hook sharpener as one of the things that fold out. Figured if I was going to carry one of these new 'multi-tool' things I might as well get one for fishing.

Gerber Scout Multi-Plier 600

I have had a chance to compare it with some other guys who have different brands. Kinda like 'show-and-tell.' "Hey, mine has one of these, etc." All of the tools seem to be well received by those who actually bought them. One brand did have bent jaws tho. I like the Gerber-Scout because it is shorter than the others, the jaws slide back inside the thing, neat. It locks open very well, and does not hurt my hands when I use it. Good rounded sides, comfortable.

I did have a chance to use a feature I never figured I would though. We had a can of coffee and no opener; nuff said, it worked just fine, the hook sharpener did too, also the Fiskars scissors. And yes, I needed the plier end also for another job. Mind you, this was just on the trip to South Dakota for the FAOL Fish-In.

They are not something I use every day, nor do I carry them everyday. They do reside in my fishing gear bag. I do think from the others I compared them to, they are the best for me and my needs; in fact perhaps, perfect.

For more information visit the Gerber web site. ~ James Castwell

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