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Float 'n Tote

by James Castwell

'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' How about, 'improve' it? I have seen the tube-type things that strap onto the sides of a float-boat, belly-boat and various PFD's. When I had the opportunity to sell them at a local fly shop several guys would tell me it looked like a great idea and they were going home and make one. They would return eventually and buy one. Some things just never get done at home.

There is now an improvement. The 'Float n' Tote.' How do you improve on a rod tube that straps on? Make it adjustable, that's how; and this one is. Fully. Three-hundred sixty degrees of rotation which allows you to slant it low in front so you can just lean back and troll, or point it backwards with your spare rod well out of the way. (Ever catch your vertically stored rod with the fly line while you are casting?) It even has a velcro strap to secure your rod while it's in the holder.

Al Roberts did the testing on this, and he was very enthusatic about the improvements over his old rod holder. Al always carries two rods when fishing lakes. One for a sinking line, and the one he is fishing. The old rod holder had no adjustments, and the rod was held in a vertical position - a disaster waiting for a line to hit it and break off the tip!

Float 'n Tote

The 'Float 'n Tote' solves that problem, and allows the angler to adjust the rod to suit a variety of uses. The whole thing is very well designed and produced. The rod holder is made of Delrin fastened to a Delrin base by means of a stainless steel bolt. A nylon strap goes through covering the head of the bolt. There is a strong buckle on it to strap it onto your float tube.

More too. You can strap it around your waist and use it while wading. Great way to hold your rod while re-rigging or just releasing a fish. No more dropping your reel in the drink and filling it with sand from the water. Directions for use as a hands-free personal rod holder are included.

Sometimes it takes a simple idea to really work; this is simple and it works. 'Float 'n Tote,' at your dealers very soon, if not, ask him to stock them. You will be glad you did. Reasonably priced for such a quality product, ($35 to $40) it's made to use and you will. ~ JC

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