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Elkhorn Cane 'Big Thompson' Fly Rod

by Andy Carr (Buttermilk)

Received the new Elkhorn Monday and finally got a chance to really look at it today! [Andy was the Winner of the May '06 Drawing for an Elkhorn, 4 wt 7'6" 2 pc, 2 tip bamboo rod.]

First impressions are important things in life and I got some great ones! First of all, when JC sent it to me, he put it in a piece of 2" PVC pipe. The rod case fits perfectly in the pipe and is well protected during shipment.Thanks JC!

The cap on the rod case comes into view first and it is very nicely done. Good solid brass, threaded very well and tight, fitted perfectly to the case; another well-done touch there.

Bringing the rod out of the case, I was impressed with the rod bag. Since I'm always in uniform on duty, this really caught my eye. It is like starched and ironed kahki and once again, well done. No extra threads or anything hanging from the fabric, just a sharp looking outfit.


This is not the first "boo" rod I have handled and I have studied the building of bamboo rods for several years. A bamboo rod is an engineering masterpiece, in my honest opinion, and this one is right there too. No glue lines, the barely visible nodes are properly placed, and the light colored finish is perfect! Just look at the burl in the reel seat and those silver rings! QUALITY ALL THE WAY!

I build custom 1911's and spend a good amount of time with calipers in my hands so I measured the rod in several places. TOTAL UNIFORMITY! A smooth taper throughout the length of the rod which will carry the stress right on down into the butt of the rod when fighting a good fish. Great balance! Love that slow rhythmic action. I've been building glass and graphite rods for over twenty years and will have to slow down my cast and let the "Big Thompson" do all the work. The thread work is excellent and the calipers reveal, once again, total uniformity in the length of the guide wraps. The wraps are beautifully, simply, elegant, befitting the masterpiece that a well made cane rod is.

I will be purchasing the Elkhorn Classic reel to complement this rod. Through the fifty six years of my life, I have learned that it costs more to go less than first class. The Elkhorn Company has the reels that will fit and compliment this rod and there won't be any guessing or wondering if the reel feet are too thick to fit the reel seat, etc.

I've cast the Cortland SYLK lines with John Channer, a builder of fine "boo" rods, and love how the line "whispers" as it goes through the air as opposed to the louder "swish" that the plastic lines make. Cortland doesn't make any junk in their products, so I know the SYLK line will be a perfect match.

Thanks Elkhorn and all the FAOL sponsors!

Thanks Ladyfisher and JC! ~ Andy Carr (Buttermilk)

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