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Dr. Slick Scissors

by Ronn Lucas, Sr.

We have all seen the name Dr. Slick in advertising and fly shops and they have been around for a good length of time. I have been seeing one of their latest ads for the new "Razor Scissors" for awhile so; I decided to contact them for more information since they look much like the salon scissors I use in my tying.

I received two pair of scissors, one the 5" straight Razor Scissors, part #SR5G and a pair of "5 adjustable Tension Scissor, part #ST5G. Both pair have large finger holes which is a plus for guys with big fingers. Some of my scissors have holes so small that you almost consider using soap to remove them! Another feature is that both have a little rubber nub in the handles which cushions them when cutting. Both pair also have extremely fine tips so trimming very close is possible. I used to routinely grind down the tips of my other scissors including the salon pairs but these are fine enough that I will not need to.

Dr. Slick 5" Razor Scissors with adjustable tension blades

Immediately I went to my tying room and broke out the Razor Scissor, picked up a feather and trimmed it. The good news is that you needn't go to a beauty supply store to get ultra sharp scissors to trim feathers for full feather wings. These scissors have almost knife edge cutting surfaces that are smooth. They also have an adjustable tension feature which allows for buttery smooth cutting found on the higher end hair cutting scissors that hair dressers use. Dr. Slick also has the same scissor in a 4" size. This size may be better used for general tying than the 5" but, for trimming feathers for full feather wing flies, I suggest the larger pair. The suggested price of the Razor Scissors is $24.00.

Dr. Slick 5" adjustable blade scissors

The part #ST5G has lightly serrated blades that aren't quite as knife edge but are very sharp. They will also trim feathers well but may leave very slightly feathered edges. Even so, they will work very well for all around scissors and you could trim feathers for full feather wings as long as they are kept sharp. These scissors also have an adjustment feature which allows almost the same buttery smooth cutting. As with the Razor Scissors, you may want the 4" for general use and the 5" for trimming feathers. The suggested price of the #ST5G is $15.00.

The bottom line is that both of these scissors will give you many years of reliable service whether you save them for delicate work or use them for your general tying.

Dr. Slick's line is not limited to just these two items. They have a wide array of different scissors including "entry level" and more spendy models as well as other tools.

Product information and a list of dealers List of Dealers is available on Dr. Slick's web page ( or by contacting Dr. Slick Co. ~ Ronn

Dr. Slick Co.
105 Pollywog Lane
Belgrade, MT 59714
Phone: 800.462.4472
Fax: 800.420.2468

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