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Redington DFR Series

by George E. Emanuel

The upper end of the Redington line of fly rods is firmly anchored by the DFR series. These rods are available in fresh and saltwater versions to suit every angler need.

All of the nine-foot rods are 3 piece beauties, with all of the appointments you would expect in a fine fly rod.

Esthetically they are pleasing to the eye with their emerald green blanks and dark green wraps with a hint of red accent.

The grip on the freshwater rods which run up to 6 weight are half wells. The Full Wells grip is employed on the saltwater rods from 7 weight up. The cork is of excellent quality with no visible voids.

Reel seats are of a Rosewood and Nickel Silver uplocking type on the freshwater rods and a very durable anodized aluminum seat on the saltwater series, which incorporate a double uplocking design. The saltwater rods are also equipped with a very adequate fighting butt.

Stripper guides are of a generous size proportioned to line weight. All stripping guides are silicon carbide. Single foot black chrome guides are appropriate in number and well spaced on all of the rods in the series.

The blanks are a hand fitted tip over butt construction. The three-piece rods first two sections are a 57 million modulus, with the tip section being 43-million modulus graphite. This combination makes these rods very easy to load at some pretty short distances, yet gives them plenty of backbone for the long bomb, and of course the ability to fight fish.

These rods are very lightweight, but, do not be deceived, they are "rockets" in the words of another manufacturers Pro Staff after he cast the 8 weight rod for the first time.

The 8 weight easily cast the entire length of the casting pool at the Somerset Flyfishing Show, hitting the curtain and piling up on the floor beneath it. An entire line could be thrown with considerable ease. This rod loads very easily and with a spectrum of power, which is nothing short of amazing. Tight loops and high line speed best describe the 8-weight performance. Bonefish beware, you may be able to run, but this rod can reach out and touch you.

The 6 weight DFR offering is no less spectacular than is the 8 weight. It is light and responsive and will handle any situation for which a 6-weight rod is appropriate. It too will throw a considerable distance and fight a fish with plenty of backbone and reserve power. This is a great all-around rod.

The 4 weight in the series responds well at all distances out to 50 or sixty feet. Curve casting, roll casting and many of the other specialty casts commonly employed with a 4-weight rod were done with ease, the rod putting the line where it was aimed.

Perhaps the unique thing about these rods across the spectrum, is the dampening. To say that it is excellent would be a real understatement, it is not just excellent, it may well be the best in the industry.

Price, well get ready, there is no sticker shock here as the rods are in the $495.00 range.

Redington came on the scene several years ago with products that were affordable to the masses allowing many an entry into flyfishing with a quality product and Unconditional Lifetime Warranty that was not previously available.

With the DFR series they have demonstrated that they can also build the high performance stick for angler at the other end of fraternity as well.

Redington DFR, they have a great rod here! ~ George E. Emanuel

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