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Redington Crosswater Fly Rod
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

My teenage daughter asked me to teach her to cast a fly rod, so I ordered a Redington Crosswater Fly Rod from Bob Marriott's (http//

Redington Fly Rods have a reputation for being a good fly rod, without the pocket gouging price tag. The Crosswater series is the only Redington fly rod without a bulletproof guarantee, but it does have a manufacturing defect warrantee.

Redington Crosswater Series is available in 2 and 4 piece fly rods and either as an outfit or just the fly rod. The rods range from a 7'7" 3/4 wt through 9', 7/8 wt., priced from $59.00 to $79.00.

The split weight (wt) designation on fly rods usually means, the "Double Taper Line/Weight Forward Line," recommendations of the manufacturer.

It is very hard to beat these prices for a fly rod from a company with a great reputation. I bought the Rod Only 8' 0" 5/6 wt 2-Piece. I use a Cortland 333 5 wt Double Taper (DT), and a Cortland 333 6 wt Weight Forward (WF) on it.

The Crosswater surprised me from the second I pulled it out of the double tube it was mailed in by Bob Marriotts. There it was in a sturdy rod bag that will protect even the best of rods.

The guides are basic, considering the price, I did not expect anything exotic. The thread wraps were excellent showing the same care that is given rods of higher cost.

The rod finish was very good, no blemishes, a nice brown color and the darker brown thread wraps are quite attractive.

The cork handle is very nice solid cork with a tapered cigar shape fitting the hand very well.

The reel seat is man-made material, up-locking, with one nut for securing, but the reel foot fits very firmly and tight on the real seat. I believe the angler will not have to worry about losing a reel at an inappropriate moment.

The ferrules are properly fitted just as higher priced rods would be.

What really surprised me; once I got the rod and reel assembled, walking the fly line through the guides, is how light this 8' 0" 5/6 weight is. Doing some lawn casting, the fly rod surprised me again. This is a progressive action rod, but the casting with both lines ( DT 5 wt and WF 6 wt) was responsive and very crisp. The action is almost a quick action fly rod, its lightness and casting action, reminds me of my Gatti Fly Rod.

I cannot think of a better bargain, without sacrifice of quality or action for the price paid, which ever Redington Crosswater you decide upon.

The 4-Piece Redington Crosswater is a good quality fly rod or outfit where traveling and space is an issue. The 2-Piece Redington Crosswater are equally of good quality, whether for a beginner or as a backup fly rod or outfit.

Again these Fly Rods do not carry an unlimited warrantee, but for the price, the Crosswater is a very good investment. ~Parnelli

Redington Tackle Co.
Phone: 1-866-498-7243 or (206)-780-5465
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