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Cortland 555 Rocket Taper
by Allen Crise

I got out on the river tonight and tried my new Cortland 555 WF-7F Rocket Taper.

The surface of the line felt a little rubbery but not sticky. It didn't hold a coil from memory but the air temperature was 85 degrees.

I pulled off about 30 feet and it laid out straight. My loops seemed smaller and faster than what I was use to with the Cortland 444. I worked out to 50 ft and felt that the line was loading on my GLX 7wt. well. Stripped off about 85 feet of the 105 that it comes in. Small Popper on a 8 ft leader, double hauled and sent it tight to the reel; all 85 ft of line was in the air.

OK, so it cast well, how about the mending? First, a roll cast to get it back upstream, stripped in to about 50 ft and cast it full length or about 55 ft. Nice, I am beginning to like this line.

Then, I did a pick up of the fifty feet for a back cast, the popper came out like a shot. The line lifted so easily that it was air born before I was ready!

Now for some mending. The line is dancing on the surface, it responds to the little lifts and mends like it was part of the rod. You dry-fly guys are going to love this line.

Being a rocket taper, I didn't think I was going to be able to control it as well. I was dead drift wrong. I could re-position the fly with just a flip of the rod tip, 45 to 60 feet and the line would jump up and set down just as light as you could ask.

What I think of the new Cortland 555? I am ordering one in a WF5F and a WF9F too.

Besides, it is an American Company owned by the employees. ~ Allen Crise (Ol Flysoup)

Cortland Line Company
PO Box 5588
3736 Kellogg Road
Cortland, New York 13045-5588
Phone: 1-800-847-6787

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